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GeoSource Recycling is honored to have received the 2018 Business Of The Year Award from the West Ridge Fire Department. GeoSource recycling is very proud to support the West Ridge Fire Department's noble and brave firefighters.
Global Steel Forecast Sees Stable Demand - Recycling Today
GeoSource Recycling proudly donated the use of 2 scrap cars to McDowell High School and the West Ridge Fire Department to help with the McDowell Mock Accident held on May 25, 2018 to remind students of the consequences of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol as well as the dangers of driving while distracted by texting or talking on cell phones. GeoSource also provided educational material to McDowell students regarding the statistical information on drinking and or texting while driving.
In support of the City of Erie Fire Department, GeoSource, Inc. will be donating the use of over 16 vehicles for department training purposes. GeoSource, Inc. is proud to support the brave and noble Erie Fire Department. (4.017.18)

Major corporations include supplier diversity as a core business strategy, and use certification as a tool to validate and hire qualified minority businesses. Supplier diversity programs require valid MBE certification to receive credit toward supplier diversity goals. Plus, the federal government has a requirement that a minimum of 23% of total acquisition dollars (estimated at the trillions of dollars) are ‘set aside’ and must be spent with diverse businesses. To help reach this 23% goal, the federal government has special stipulations in place that help certified MBEs compete for contracts with the federal government.

Corporations, the federal government, and state agencies all want to do business with minority-owned companies. The Department of Transportation, for example, requires that recipients of its funding award a percentage of contracts to minority-owned businesses and many large companies have goals for buying from minority-owned suppliers.

The reason for such mandates is twofold. First, contracting with minority-owned businesses is important to customers: ‘Corporate America understands that you cannot expect minorities to buy things when you haven’t done business with minorities,’ says Steven Sims, the vice president of the National Minority Supplier Development Council. Second, it’s responsible: ‘It’s important because we have an obligation in government to ensure that all firms in our state have an opportunity to participate in contracts that are paid for with tax dollars,’ says Luwanda Jenkins, the special secretary of minority affairs for Maryland.

To meet their objectives, private and public sector firms search for minority-owned suppliers through programs that have formal certification processes. If you’re not certified, you can miss out on business ranging from a marketing opportunity to reduced-competition access to a public contract.

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